Workout 03-04-16

Coming up to my last week in the training unit. I’m going to miss training new hires in defensive tactics but I am excited about transferring and beginning a new adventure.

Today was teaching two 4 hour blocks of basic fundamentals to two groups. This not only meant teaching the material twice in a day but having to do the workout with them twice.


20 Minutes Total – AMRAP
Do circuit 3x

1 Min each
Jumping Jacks
Hand Release Push Ups
Air Squats
Flutter Kicks
Sit Outs

After teaching all day and the two workouts I was mentally and physical drained. I wanted to skip no-gi class tonight but I invited a friend who was meeting me there so I couldn’t leave him hanging.


I got to class feeling unmotivated, lacking energy, sore, and with a slight headache. As we started getting into the drills all of that seemed to go away and at the end of class, as I was drenched in sweat I felt recharged and rejuvenated. No headache, lots of energy, and all the soreness was gone. It’s funny how exercising and doing something you love can do that.


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