Workout 03-31-16

Ever run into someone you haven’t seen in awhile at the gym in the middle of your workout and then by the time you check the clock you realize you should have been done 10 minutes ago? Yeah that happened…



EZ Bar Curls 

Seated DB Hammer Curls


Tricep Bar Skull Crushers

Seated DB Hammer Curls


Workout 03-30-16

New hours and a new assignment have me still trying to figure out a routine and schedule. I thought I was gonna have plenty of time today but traffic said otherwise. I’m trying to keep the workouts somewhat light as I’m in training outdoors for most of the day.


Circuit performed 5 times 90 seconds rest between circuits 

Barbell Push Press x10

Shoulder Plate Circles x5 each direction 

KB Shrugs

Shoulder Dislocates (PVC pipe)

20 Ways to Stay Motivated in 2016


If you set some New Year’s Resolutions, statistically by now you’ve fallen off the wagon.


That’s okay we all will hit bumps in the road. I’ve always learned that its how you respond to your own failures that determines your future success. As I thought about this I came across this article from 20 Ways to Stay Motivated in 2016

My favorite tips? #8 Workout in the Morning and #9 Take a Class.

As one of my old supervisors used to say..”Make the rest of your life the best of your life”

Training 03-25-16


No gi and striking drills tonight. My kids had a great day today and they finished the class with stripes from the professor. 

Striking focused on jabs and warm ups with kicks. The ground portion was focused on heel hooks and leg locks which had been the theme for the month.

In live rolling I kept getting caught with armbars. For some reason I have started to leave my arms extended or high in certain positions and some of my rolling partners have been capitalizing. 

You’d think after the first 4 armbars I would learn but nope…I like to learn things the hard way. 

Workout 03-24-16

I’ve been working out in the main headquarters gym go years and today I noticed what I thought was a new vertical jump board but was informed by someone it’s been there for years. So much for my observation skills I guess. 

For fun after the workout I tested out my jump and hit 34″ on my last attempt. That’s pretty good considering my vertically challenged status.


EZ Bar Curl 3×10

DB Concentration Curls 3×8

Narrow Grip Cable Curls 3×10

Overhead Dumbbell Tricep Extension 3×10

EZ Bar Skull Crushers 3×10

Rope Tricep Extension 3×10