Photo Diet Experiment Update

So earlier this month I was challenged to take a photo of everything I eat and send it to someone. An article we read said this action alone would help you lose weight.

Honestly I kind of slipped and stopped taking pics after three weeks but the results were interesting. I took photos of everything I ate and sent it to my sister in law who did the same. She got the photos of the good, the bad, and the delicious 

Here are three interesting things I discovered during the three weeks:

1) Taking the pictures made me add more color to my meals which meant usually adding veggies or lettuce. This obviously was a good thing and something I probably wouldn’t have done. It just seemed kind of dumb to send someone a picture of a single egg….so I added tomatoes, lettuce, and some mushrooms for example.

2) I did not track macros, count calories, or read any label….and in three weeks I was down 4.4lbs! I attribute this to not wanting to send someone a pic of that Reese’s peanut butter cup or that bag of Doritos. Adding that little bit of accountability seemed to help.

3) While helpful this method just wasn’t sustainable for me. I couldn’t keep taking pictures past 3 weeks and neither could my partner. We started forgetting and forgetting led to indifference and ultimately not caring to continue.

Overall though I’m glad I tried something new. In one week the 4.4lbs was mostly back on leading me to decide I need to get back into my routine and my intentional weight loss. 

I set a goal earlier this year to move down a weight class for competition without having to cut weight. I achieved that and now my sights are set on moving down another. 


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