Rest Day 02-19-16

I had huge plans for today. After watching literally some of the worst fight I’ve ever seen (Kimbo vs Dada) I took a quiz for my online masters course and hit the bed later than I wanted.

I planned on getting up early, going for a run (5k), coming home and making breakfast for the boys, hitting kids competition class and then adult open mat, and then finishing up the day at the park or bike riding….instead I woke up with severe sinus congestion, headache, nausea, and a sore knee.

I know it’s probably allergy related as we just came out of a cold snap here and back to 80 degree weather here in a matter of days. The pollen was thick on my jeep this morning. 

So instead I’m gonna listen to my body and make today a nice rest day where I may clean the house and wash the jeep and get ready to train hard on Monday. 


3 thoughts on “Rest Day 02-19-16

  1. I wish that were the case here too… 24-hr service and global economy are such obnoxious equalizers, aren’t they?Boston too looks pretty empty this time of year, but we still get a lot of business travelers and some inietnartonal tourism during the winter. (I will never understand why tourists would want to come here in winter! ;D)


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