Training 02-18-16

I rolled 5 days in a row and going to be 7 days once the weekend is over. Between gis and my kids my washing machine is getting a workout. 

My friend who previously fought professional MMA and I were talking today about how we addictive training can seem. It’s not the act but the process of getting better that motivates us to keep coming back for more. He’s trained since the age of 13 and he kept getting beat and submitted and that motivated him to keep coming back. I think if you talk to anyone that trains reguarly you’ll find a similar story. 

Recently one of our guys received his blue belt and….surprise…we haven’t seen him since. 2 of our white belts haven’t been back to train since the beginning of the year. One of my training partners remarked that it takes a special kind of person to come in and get beat, humbled, and submitted every day and want to come back for more. The drive to get better at something you suck at, turning a weakness into a strength is the key to getting better.

So to those with a garage full of gis drying or those that keep coming back for more congrats your a special kind of person. 


One thought on “Training 02-18-16

  1. There are a surprising amount of people who love taking a beating as a hobby!

    And hand wraps are just as bad. We have hand wraps hanging up to dry everywhere

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