Training – 02-06-16 (Super Seminar)

My professor today hosted a super seminar for kids and adults. Kids started at 11am and Adults were at noon. What made it super? It was a fundraiser for his charity supporting kids with terminal illnesses and it had over 20 black belts teaching. There were approximately 50-75 adults and around a dozen kids for the seminars.

The kids were separated into older and younger groups. My son was in the younger group and they partnered up and did some competition in teams (3 legged race, partner crab walk, etc..) which was just fun to watch. Then they worked on the Americana lock. Then each of the kids got to grapple and “tap out” 3 different black belts. My son can now say he tapped out 3 black belts in a single day….an achievement I may never achieve.

Kids taking a photo with their instructors after the seminar

Kids getting instruction from Prof. Gutty Muggiati of Gracie Barra Orlando.

Prof Dave Ogden showing the older kids how to knee-on-belly someone. Trust me from experience….you don’t want to be the guy on bottom.


The adult seminar was broken up into 3 groups. Each group had 3 or 4 black belts each teaching a different move. We were able to cycle through 2 different group of black belts. I’d break down all the moves I learned but honestly, I can’t remember them all. My favorite session was learning loop choke variations from Prof. Igor Andrade who is a great instructor from Gracie Barra Kissimmee.


Prof. Igor Andrade showing a loop choke setup. 

The best part of the seminar, besides interacting with so many black belts, were that nearly every school from our area was represented. I think I counted about 9 different academies represented from the students and instructors. After the seminar concluded about half of them stayed around for some rolling sessions. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay very long since I had to work tonight.

The professor said this was going to be an annual fundraiser and he is going to try to make it bigger next year. I look forward to the next super seminar.

Also on a side note, I bit the bullet and registered for UAE National Pro next weekend.


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