Training 02-29-16

Went out late last night to celebrate with my squad one last time before my impending transfer. This morning 0600 I was ready for a nice no gi session. Warmup was 1 minute jump rope intervals and then 2 – 10 minute rounds of no gi. I rolled with a guy that is about my size but much stronger than me. Luckily his technique is lacking and he is all muscle. He gassed out about 8 minutes into the first and about halfway through the second. I used that time to work and hit a few no gi submissions I been working on….Peruvian, no-gi ezekiel, and even a twister. 

I stil had some left in the tank at the end so I finished with some more jump rope sessions and some time on the grappling bag working knee on belly drills. A 16 hour workday now awaits me. M


The St. Louis Cardinals and Bibimbap

Outside Online had an interesting article on the St.Louis Cardinals head chef and some of his paleo friendly staples. 

Featured front and center was bibimbap which is one of my all time favorite meals. This was substituted cauliflower for rice to make it more paleo. 

If you ever go to a Korean restaurant, order the stone pot bibimbap and you will not be dissapointed. 

Read the article here

Rest Day 02-27-16

 My youngest had another tournament today. As always he fought up age due to his weight. He just turned 7 and reguarly competes with 9 year olds and up. This normally means he fails to place but he’s gotten so much better because of it. 

I always remind him of stories like Adam Wheeler. 

He competed at BJJ Tour Florida which was a very well run tournament had enough kids that he was able to compete against kids only a year or two older. His first place match was against a really tough girl with a lot of tournament experience. He lost but fought off two kimura attempts. He ended up with silver in the middle heavy division and I couldn’t be more proud.

 He told me that watching me compete and win 2 weeks ago inspired him (not in those words but as eloquent as a 7 year old can be). I told him he had it backwards. It was him who inspires me by wanting to keep competing knowing he was at a disadvantage.  

Photo Diet Experiment Update

So earlier this month I was challenged to take a photo of everything I eat and send it to someone. An article we read said this action alone would help you lose weight.

Honestly I kind of slipped and stopped taking pics after three weeks but the results were interesting. I took photos of everything I ate and sent it to my sister in law who did the same. She got the photos of the good, the bad, and the delicious 

Here are three interesting things I discovered during the three weeks:

1) Taking the pictures made me add more color to my meals which meant usually adding veggies or lettuce. This obviously was a good thing and something I probably wouldn’t have done. It just seemed kind of dumb to send someone a picture of a single egg….so I added tomatoes, lettuce, and some mushrooms for example.

2) I did not track macros, count calories, or read any label….and in three weeks I was down 4.4lbs! I attribute this to not wanting to send someone a pic of that Reese’s peanut butter cup or that bag of Doritos. Adding that little bit of accountability seemed to help.

3) While helpful this method just wasn’t sustainable for me. I couldn’t keep taking pictures past 3 weeks and neither could my partner. We started forgetting and forgetting led to indifference and ultimately not caring to continue.

Overall though I’m glad I tried something new. In one week the 4.4lbs was mostly back on leading me to decide I need to get back into my routine and my intentional weight loss. 

I set a goal earlier this year to move down a weight class for competition without having to cut weight. I achieved that and now my sights are set on moving down another. 

Training 02-23-16

Last nights fundamentals class focused on wrist locks from standing and from the guard. After class my wrists were on fire. 

Fast forward to this morning and I rolled with a buddy and immediately slapped on a wrist lock from guard and got the tap. It felt good to immediately get feedback on the training last night. 

Workout 02-22-16

Monday….or international chest day as it’s known. Did a light workout today since I was rushed a bit for time.

If your doing BJJ or MMA and haven’t incorporated a barbell floor press in your training you are missing out. The floors press builds the upper body by taking leg drive out of the lift, such as in a bench press, while also taking strain out of the shoulders. 

The floor press helps develop explosiveness and power to escape from under mount or to help you make a frame to create space against an opponents side control or pressure. 


Bench Press 5×10

Seated chest press 3×10

Barbell Floor Press 3×10