Take a Picture of Every Meal Challenge 

My sister in law is a former NCAA soccer star and very fitness conscious. Every so often when she needs some motivation she offers me a fitness or nutrition challenge. The competition provides extra motivation for her…and me to take it up a notch or try something new. In the past we have tried intermittent fasting, vegan, paleo, run a mile a day, 100 burpees a day, and a host of other challenges. The object is usually who can do it the longest without missing.

This month she contacted me for an interesting one. For the next month you have to take a picture of your meal before you eat it and then text it to each other. The idea is that this will provide accountability, a bit of embarrassment for bad choices, and ultimately result in better choices and weight loss.

This theory is supported by some research done at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“Prof Lydia Zepeda and David Deal, the researchers who carried out the study reported in New Scientist magazine, found that written food diaries were often filled in hours after the meal and were not as powerful in creating an impression of how much food had been consumed.”

We’ll see if it works. If anything it will at least improve my presentation skills. Here’s to day 1.


3 thoughts on “Take a Picture of Every Meal Challenge 

  1. Beautiful! I post everything that goes in my mouth everyday (almost) and it most definitely makes me choose better since everyone is going to see it! With pictures!

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    • The specific study conducted found that logging your meals with text was not as effective as a visual representation which makes sense since pictures are normally stronger than words. It will be interesting to see how this goes for the next month.

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