Recovery and Reset

The cruise is over and it’s back to reality. On day one the cruise director gave us a motto, “if you see it, eat it!” And boy did I. 

I stayed active on the cruise though….swimming, snorkeling, bike riding, taking the stairs, instead of the elevator, the gym every day. 

The gym was the best cruise/hotel gym I’ve been in  

Now I’m all for getting healthy, but I have a pet peeve. This is my third cruise and all 3 have been the same. Why is it that people decide on a cruise that that is when they want to start hitting the gym? Day 1 is packed with people taking up equipment, looking lost, working out in jeans and swimwear, and generally just wasting time. By day 3 the gym is empty and I can enjoy myself. 

So I’m back, a bit heavier , and definetly recharged. I have a tournament in about a month so I’m entering next week completely focused on that. 

But for now I feel like this 



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