Is fat an emotion?

A&E has a new fitness “reality” show out based on a book by Drew Manning. 

View the show here

I read the book years ago and it was a good read. The show was quite entertaining but the first episode focused heavily on the novelty of a super ripped personal trainer purposely gaining weight. 

The show touched on a point that the book really hit on and that was the emotional connection between food and the depression that sets in after the emotional comfort of eating. Manning felt this for the first time as he found it difficult to stop eating certain foods, especially when he was feeling down (sugary cereal if I remember right).

The show touches on this, with the trainer asking himself, “is fat an emotion?”, but mainly focuses on more entertaining segments like watching the trainer JJ consume a large burger or eat 4 pizzas. 

In the end it was a decent show that will have me tuning in for the next episode. 


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