Training 01-20-16

Toe felt much better today. A bit of rest and a good nights sleep helped. It’s still not 100% but I was able to walk without a limp and felt confident to roll tonight. 

Training tonight reviewed some half guard passes including one which I had never seen before. 

During the rolling session we were encouraged to not play our usual game and to go for opportunities that we don’t normally go for. No stalling and nobody is keeping score. I loved rolling that way and I was able to secure a very good toe hold while diving under for deep guard. It was a nice move that even caught my very experienced partner off guard. 

It’s funny how you can see signs everywhere if you look hard enough. I love what I do at work but an opportunity to transfer to another unit may be coming up and I have been torn between what to do. Tonight is just one of many signs telling me to go for it. 


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