Workout 01-19-2016


Well it was bound to happen…train hard enough and long enough and you’ll suffer an injury. Last night during a hard roll I slipped off of my training partner and my big toe planted awkwardly while the rest of my body continued to fall over. It hurt a bit but it just felt like it got stretched a little bit too much in a bad direction.

Fast forward to this morning and wow….I never knew a big toe could hurt this bad. I could barely push off of my right foot while walking. I made it into the gym and rather than lift weights or push a workout I did stretching, foam roller, and then did some stretching and walking. Eventually it loosened up and I was able to put weight back on it. Unfortunately wearing shoes and sitting for a good portion of the day meant it tightened back up and I was left walking with a limp.

Hopefully its just a slight strain and it won’t put a dent in my training but I can tell you that I will probably be skipping leg day this week.


4 thoughts on “Workout 01-19-2016

  1. That’s a bummer!! I hate when the injury is from landing on something funny and not even from something cool. If it makes you feel better, A kid at my academy did a cartwheel pass into a double knee bar yesterday.

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    • I’m feeling a ton better today. I skipped the morning gym and am walking without a limp. My biggest worry when recovering is recovering from the recovery of that makes sense. Sometimes coming back from a long layoff is the worst


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