Training 01-13-16


Drilling today focused on butterfly sweeps. I love the butterfly guard because it is effective in both gi and no gi. A couple exciting rings happened today though. 

1) one of our new hires took a big step and instead of saying “I should start” or “I’m gonna look into that” they actually came and showed up. Hopefully they stick with it but only time will tell. 

2) While live rolling I felt in a zone. I haven’t felt that loose and flowed as well in a long time. I ended up chaining a few positions to end up with one of the tightest textbook guillotine chokes I’ve ever had with a fully resisting opponent.  

This was a big deal because I have become somewhat known for my guillotine chokes so everyone I roll with is on guard against them. So to hit one smoothly, tight, and while in transition shows a real progression in my training and flow. 


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