What’s In Your Supplement?


Outside Magazine posted an article about the dangers of the the unregulated supplement industry. 

Click here for article 
While most of the wild west nature of the supplement industry was known to me what really intrigued me was the focus on OXYelite Pro, a supplement I have seen advertised in fitness magazines and Internet heavily. 

Personally, I take very few supplements. My supplementation consists mainly of protein powder, Recovery Drink, and ZMA. 

However, I’ve tried several in the past such as pre workouts, various protein powders, energy pills, and even a few fat burners).

One of the reasons I don’t use too many supplements is the belief that food should provide my body with the nutrients I need. Truth is, the vast majority of people don’t need supplements and are wasting their money on products that aren’t giving them anything except a mental boost. I may even fall into that category. 


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