Training 12-22-15

So I’m in California and I knew I wanted to drop in and train and get my youngest son to drop in on a class while we were here. I scoured the Internet for a place close by and found a few promising ones. I called ahead and emailed and in typical Brazilian fashion….no one answered and no one returned my voicemails. I don’t like to just show up and I like to think I’m a courteous visitor. I have a plain gi I use when going outside my schools network and unfortunately there were no GB schools anywhere close to me and I know some places aren’t appreciative when you come in and advertise another school on your gi. I always roll light and try to match the intensity of my training partner.

Anyways the place I found closest to my in laws is an affiliate of a very well renowned BJJ team and they basically told me nobody outside their academy can train but they would make an exception for me since I’m from out of state and then they told me it would be $100 to drop in for 2 classes! It was almost like they didn’t want me there. I’ve traveled to a few schools and every time I’ve been met with open arms and met some awesome people. This was a first. As luck would have it within 2 miles of my in laws I see a sign for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu next to the grocery store. A new academy opened up that shares space with a TKD school. I walked in to see their  BJJ schedule and they were so happy to know I’d be stopping by. 

They aren’t even on the internet yet and they only have 1 blue belt and the rest are white belts with less than 3 months on (since school started). I could care less cuz everyone went out of their way to make me and my son feel welcome and they all wanted to get a roll in with me. They also basically made it mandatory we stop by one more time before we leave.

So for the fine folks at DTS Academy BJJ in San Jose thanks and I’ll be back. 👍


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