Training 12-16-15

8 hours teaching groundfighting with our new hire group today. A friend of mine is a black belt in Aikido and has been inviting me out to a class for along time. Since they were using the mat room after us I stayed for the aikido class. My wrist and arms got a pretty good twisting as we worked defense against grabs today. I told her I’d come back and try it again, especially for their non traditional no gi aikido class. 

In the past year I’ve tried lots of new things and have enjoyed nearly all of them such as crossfit, rowing, boxing, aikido, and even yoga. 

Don’t be so quick to say no or turn down those free classes to try something new. 

On another note I’m down 4 lbssince my last weigh in but my body fat percentage has dropped 2% which is much more exciting. 


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