Training 11-13-15

Apparently today is Friday the 13th. That may explain my run of bad luck today on the mat.

Today’s no gi class had a few newcomers so we focused on strikes, kicks, and the basic armbar from guard. I worked with one of our newer students (teen) who had the attention span of a toddler. 

During the grappling I partnered up with a much larger and stronger purple belt that kept stuffing my half guard. This normally doesn’t happen to me but for some reason I found myself constantly defending from getting flattened out. My defense continually frustrated him until he got an opening for a kimura and popped in like he was at the worlds or ADCC. My shoulder was hurting throughout the rest of the session. 

My last roll was with a brown belt and as I was passing his guard I went to place a knee across his arm hoping to set up for a crucifix. Instead he moved his head and I went in a little too hard and ended up kneeing him in the face and busting his lip open.

I felt really bad but he was totally cool about it. We all sometimes get a bit overzealous or lose control of our limbs at times during training. I wasn’t mad at the purple belt for wrenching my arm since he was trying to break through my defense and hurting me was unintentional in the same way that our brown belt wasn’t mad when I accidentally knee him and draw blood. 


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