Setting Goals

See that picture there? That’s from today. That means 50 days till Christmas and also my next weight loss goal. I’m hoping to be down 10lbs by then in order to hit my weight class goal for early next year. Ambitious for me since I’m at the point where that 10 probably represents the last 10-15lbs I have left to lose. 

We have a wellness/nutritionist on staff at work that I direct many of our new employees to when they are looking for weight loss advice. I told her yesterday I needed to take some of my own advice and meet with her an dial in my macros.

While it’s important for us to have our long term goals in mind it is equally important to set shorter manageable milestones in order to track our progress. If your goal is to lose 50lbs and you measure your success by that mark you may get deflated along the way. Rather shooting for 5lbs in a month creates a more manageable time frame and allows you to assess your strategy and progress along the way. 

Every big battle won is the result of multiple small battles won over a period of time. 


4 thoughts on “Setting Goals

  1. If you haven’t already look into carb cycling it’s a great way to lose unwanted weight and it make it that you only have to alter 1 of your 3 macro nutrients. It should help with that last 10-15 your wanting off. And 50 days makes it that you don’t have to go to extreme with the low carb days.

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