Motivation Monday 11-30-2015


Your body is your canvass. What are you creating?


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I am thankful of the opportunity to share my progress towards my fitness, training, and life goals. If there was ever a day to kick back relax and forget about calorie counts today is that day. 

Training 11-25-15


Dojo is closed through the weekend after today so I got in a lunchtime roll with my work training partner and then a evening advanced class tonight.

I’ve been working on a sweep from side control for awhile and I think I’m getting to the point where I can hit it smooth. It involves trapping the opponents leg and dragging it in as they bridge. This also involves a bit of timing since it is extremely difficult if they are applying alot of top pressure or have their feet away from your hips. One of our partners caught it on video today in motion. Obviously that’s me on bottom in the clip.

Exercise vs Training


“Knowing the difference between training and exercise is the key to staying healthy (making exercise a part of your lifestyle), peaking to perform (training with a purpose), and avoiding the injury-causing and money-wasting fitness fads.”

Great article over at Outside Online today about the difference between exercise and training. 

Read article here:

To Get Fit You Need To Get Strong

I personally train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and while it is exercise I choose to devote time to exercise separate  from my training. 

I feel that the combo feed off each other my training makes me better at exercise and my exercise improves my training. 

Training 11-16-15

Sometimes I wish life was more like a video game. New gi = +15 endurance…unfortunately it’s not that easy.

Today’s training we went over 3 chokes using the gi. I love using the gi to choke as I feel it gives me great control and allows me to limit the movement of my opponent.