Rousey vs. Holm

You don’t have to be a UFC fan to appreciate the video that they did to promote the upcoming Rousey vs. Holm fight. I think it showcases what I love about the sport. Their styles may be different but noone that fights at the top tier of mixed martial arts is handed an opportunity. Their are years of hard work and overcoming obstacles to be where they are at.


2 thoughts on “Rousey vs. Holm

  1. I found the video a little bit saccharine and even hypocritical – when the “revolution” was happening Dana White was still saying that women would never fight in the UFC. Having said that though it was very refreshing to see a fight being sold without trash-talk or hypersexuality. Looking forward to seeing the fight!

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    • It is pretty ironic that the obstacles she had to overcome included the UFC and Dana White himself at one point. In his defense though he has gone on record numerous times about how wrong he was. I think it’s also a huge statement from fans that Rousey is their biggest draw both in PPV buys and outside the octagon.


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