Workout 10-29-30


Circuit (5 Rounds):

1 Min Jump Rope
8 Barbell Push Press
5 Pull-ups
8 KB Shrugs

Finished with 5 min sparring rounds on bag 1 min boxing burn out


Workout 10-28-15


Bench Press (Heavy) 5×5
Incline Bench Press (Heavy) 5×5


(10 Min AMRAP)

10 Plyometric Pushups
10 Sitouts
10 Shrimps
10 Triangle setups

The Triangle as a Symbol of BJJ

Ever wonder why the triangle is the common symbol of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?


The short answer is mind, body, spirit. I think it’s alot more than that. The triangle is a stable shape no matter which way it is turned. The triangle has a stable base which is important in BJJ. And the triangle choke is what many would consider the signature choke of BJJ. There are numerous other parallels one can make. For a more official explanation check out this article from Jiu Jitsu Times.

Workout 10-23-15

Fixed my jump rope and hit the mat room this morning.


2 mins each, 2 rounds

Jump rope

KB Turkish get up (right)

KB Turkish get up (left)

KB shrimping

KB back fall to standup

Finished off with a few minutes of jump rope to cool down concentrating on not whipping my toes with the rope when my jumps got lazy

Workout 10-20-15

Took everything in me to wake up this morning and make it to the gym. I wanted to hit snooze but knew if I did I’d sleep right through it. For many of us showing up is the hardest part of working out. 

My jump rope decided to break in the middle of my workout which made me switch to the sit outs instead. 


Bench Press 

5×5-8 reps (heavy weight)


5 rounds, 1 min each

Jump rope/sit outs

KB back fall to stand up

Shrimping with Dynamax ball


Training 10-19-15

I’ve said this before, sometimes in bjj you’re the hammer, and sometimes your the nail. 

Today I felt like the nail. Maybe it was the fact that my day started at 0400, maybe it was because I went to fundamentals class right before advanced but I rolled like crap today. 

The one positive I can take out of today was I worked off some calories since I was constantly fighting off submissions and struggling to get back position.

Hopefully I can get back my mojo this week.