Training 09-26-15

The past two weeks I have lived out of a hotel room on the beach while attending my instructor course. Trust me there are plenty of worse places to spend 14 days. I have a confession though, I let the beach and ultimately the beer get the best of me. It was not all bad though, I trained at another school a few times, met some cool people, and got a great mental break from the routine of work. Now that I’m back though it’s time for my to buckle down to reach my goals by the end of the year.

Today we started a kids competition class to help the kids that are competing in tournaments. After the class myself and one of the guys rolled for a bit and I quickly realized that after 2 weeks of not training regularly I’ve lost some of my jits cardio already. Lucky for me my technique is still there and improving.

The lesson here is if your training regularly (weights, cardio, bjj, etc.) don’t take that foot off the gas. Find ways to keep the training no matter where you are at. Make it a priority.


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