Workout 09-18-15

The class I am close to halfway through is called Defensive Tactics Instructor and it is a 2 week course which essentially certifies us to teach the defensive tactics curriculum to police academy recruits. Part of that training is physical conditioining and the instructors have been putting us through various workouts to give us ideas on what we can use.

Today we did the first 30 minutes of P90X Yoga X DVD. I’ve tried yoga a couple times before so I knew how difficult it could be. Some of the students were thinking today would be an easy workout because it was “just yoga” 15 minutes in there were pools of sweat on the mats from each oerson. I don’t think we would have all made it through the entire 1.5 hours. 

I felt great afterwards especially after the boxing and jiu jitsu last night. Yoga is definitely something I’ll be looking to incorporate more regularly in my regimen. 


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