Workout 09-16-15

The trip out to St.Petersberg so far has been great. By the way this is the view from the beach outside our room. 

The school we are in is 8 hours of defensive tactics. Tomorrow we box and spar with each other and next week is mostly ground work. One of the great things is they are showing us different ways to do physical conditioining with our classes. Here are a few ideas from some of the workouts we have done so far

Workout 1: 2 minutes of an exercise – 4 different exercises-  15 seconds rest (rest is walking to next station) 

For this we did walking lunges, planks, flutter kicks, squats x2

Workout 2: jogging around the mat room, reversing direction a direction of instructor. Every 2 minutes 40 reps of a different exercise (flutter kicks, jumping jacks, push-ups) for 20 minutes.

Workout 3: In the gym 1 minute of cardio (squats, jumping jacks, high knees, etc) 1 minute of weight exercise or machine (db shoulder press, bench press, bicep curls, etc..) for 20-30 minutes. 

The instructor was trying to show us there are ways to train without going to the gym for an hour or running 5 miles every day.


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