Training 09-04-15

I forget sometimes what it’s like to be the new guy. Not just the white belt new guy, but the “I saw your sign out front and decided to check this out” new guy. We all started that way in BJJ in some manner. One of the things that drew me to BJJ and my school in particular was how welcoming they made me feel my first week. Yes, I felt like a fish out of water on the mat, but there was always someone there who sacrificed his training to help me learn. I was always encouraged to keep coming out. Almost as if I didn’t make the next class is be letting everyone down. Earlier this week we had a high school age teen drop in on a class. It must have been extra intimidating for him seeing as we don’t have a teen class so he was in the adult class and many f our guys are training for an upcoming tournament. I was very proud that guys went out of their way to pause their training and help with basics such as shrimping and the back roll with him. Sometimes we forget that something as simple as tying your belt is not inherent skill. The photo is one of our newly promoted blue belts taking time to show our new guy how to tie his belt. 

I would encourage anyone reading they has never tried Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to take that first step and try something new. From a fitness, self defense, and self confidence standpoint it is hard to beat. 


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