“Working Out” vs “Active Lifestyle”

A friend of mine the other day mentioned to me that he couldn’t get into shape because he didn’t have time to make it into the gym every day. I know many guys that are in great health and physical shape and have never stepped into the gym. I know mountain bikers, surfers, kayakers, and jiu jitsu guys and girls that don’t lift weights or run on treadmills but they are strong and have cardio for days. Hitting the gym and lifting weights is great, and it works for some people but we all have different abilities, interests, and passions. In my personal life I look to combine my passions and interests with time in the gym. Truth is I’d rather be biking or out on the water than in the gym lifting weights but hitting the gym fits my schedule better and allows me to be more active. In essence fitness is a by-product of our way of life and we should strive to make that life as active as possible be it in the gym, on the water, or wherever your passions take you.


One thought on ““Working Out” vs “Active Lifestyle”

  1. I have to admit I’ve struggled with this . I definitely prefer the active lifestyle to the gym. I love the water and the woods. I actively kayak and hike. I also volunteer for projects on the weekends that will require some strength. So I pretty much gave up the gym for the outdoors a few years ago. I do a good job of keeping up my cardio, but I find now that my core is getting a little wobbly. I think I must not be pushing myself outside as hard as I used to with a trainer in the gym…


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