Workout 08-17-2015


Today’s workout focused on chest with the intent to improve my strength and ability to escape from mount or being flattened out. It’s a common mistake with inexperienced grapplers to use their strength and try to bench press their way out of mount. This normally doesn’t end well and can result in giving your opponent an easy armbar. This doesn’t mean that strength and in particular chest strength isn’t important. A strong chest can help when shrimping out of mount and is especially useful when an opponent has taken your back and is flattening you out. Anytime you need to push out from the center of your body a strong chest is going to help you develop power and stabilize yourself. Getting to your elbows and knees and getting your base back when someone has you on your stomach is crucial. Another benefit is being able to keep your opponent away from you when they are trying to smother or close in on you.


(Superset) 3×10
Bench Press
Medicine Ball pushup

DB Floor Press 3×10

Do each exercise for 1:30 with 30 second rest before moving onto next

Flat back Dynamax Chest Throw
Dynamax Ball Hip Thrust (left leg)
Dynamax Ball Hip Thrust (right leg)
Knee on Belly Drills w/grappling dummy
BJJ stability ball drills (rolling from stomach to back keeping pressure on ball)
Bear Walks
Hand Release Push Ups

After the circuit I finished up by practicing some front rolls for about 10 minutes trying to concentrate on flow and making everything smooth.


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