Workout 08-13-15


Traffic was horrendous this morning so I got to the gym late which meant cutting my workout short again. Normally when I have to fit in a short workout I’ll either go for a Crossfit WOD or hit the biceps and triceps. The Crossfit WODs are great because I’ll try to find one that incorporates some cardio into the equation. Working the biceps and triceps is a great option also because I can focus on just those muscles with a short amount of exercise. Today I opted for the biceps.


(Superset) 3×10
EZ Bar Preacher Curl (narrow grip)
EZ Bar Standing Curl (wide grip)

DB Seated Concentration Curl 3×8 (each arm)
Overhead DB Tricep Extension 3×10
Tricep Rope Pulldown 3×10
Reverse Grip Cable Tricep Pulldown 3×10 (each arm)


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