Buffet Pants and Cruisin’

In fact most of the time I was hanging out on the ship I work my favorite pair of sweat pants which quickly became known as my “buffet pants”.


The two weeks off gave me a chance to relax (somewhat) and unplug from work and spend some great quality time with my family.  On the downside though I feel as if I shocked my system (not in a good way) and I know that I have put on some unwanted weight. Sitting here in Seattle knowing that I’m flying back tomorrow, I feel as if I will need to restart my momentum. It is almost like starting from scratch and part of me finds that part to be a good thing. We are coming back to a nearly empty fridge and pantry.

It’s also noteworthy that I am in the second half of the year. I plan on starting this weekend with a reset of my diet and exercise. My goal is to enter the Christmas season in my best shape of the year.

If you find yourself disappointed with how you faltered off your new year’s resolutions or how you fell off the wagon this summer, I invite you to join me and look at finishing 2015 strong.


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