“I Workout But I’m Still Fat”

Ever hear this phrase from someone or even yourself? They say abs are made in the kitchen and they are right.  I read this article from The Box Magazine called

I Do Crossfit But I’m Still Fat

Just switch “Crossfit” with “workout”, “run” or your activity of choice. I worked out for years and ate what I wanted and did okay. Once I hit my late 20s my metabolism came to a screeching halt. The problem was my habits didn’t and I found myself working out reguarly as putting on 30lbs of fat and telling people “I workout but I’m still fat!”

  After an overhaul of my diet and an input of healthy habits I lost that 30lbs. I love to eat and I love fried food and carbs so unwind pretend it’s not a struggle. But if you feel like your in a plateau or moving the scale in the wrong direction it may not be a matter of working out harder. It may be eating smarter. 


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