Advanced Basics


I have a theory backed by no statistics or data whatsoever other than my TV watching habits, but the most common submissions in the UFC seem to come from the rear naked choke or guillotine. From a BJJ perspective these are two of the simplest chokes and often two of the first submissions one learns. They are submission we teach newly hired cops so they know how to recognize them and how to defend. I always wondered to myself why a league full of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts were submitted so often from simple chokes.

This week I saw this blog post on the Gracie Barra site and it all seemed to make a little more sense.

Details! – The Idea of Advanced Basics

In BJJ class this week the instructor had us going through replace the guard drills. All of us have done these numerous times and my training partner was an upper belt who is very good at the drill. As we ran through it the instructor made a slight adjustment to how I was shrimping my hips away and all of a sudden the drill seemed very much effortless. I wasn’t struggling to brace against the pressure being applied to me. This became very important as he added onto the drill a sweep which then turned into a north-south triangle. What struck me was the north-south triangle would not be possible if I didn’t start the series by executing an extremely basic technique properly.


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