Workout 07-13-15

My old high school best friend came into town for the day. We hit the gym in the morning for a brief workout. The great thing about working out with a friend is that they push you to do a bit more weight than you normally would.


Bench Press x10 – Medicine Ball Pushup x10 (Superset of 5)
Reverse Grip Incline DB Chest Press 3×10
Hammer Curl Bar Chest Press 5×10
Rogue T-Bar Rows 5×10
Low Iso Rows 3×10
Ring Rows 3×10

Afterwards he hit BJJ class with me. He’s trained for the past year and half informally with some ARMY buddies that were BJJ purple belts so he had alot of basics down but his lack of regular experience and rolling was evident. He had a blast though and if he could train regularly he would be a pretty difficult opponent.


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