Workout 07/08/2015

So I think I pulled my fat today….Not really but any extra weight I carry its in my belly. Call it genetics or a sign of my affinity for beer and fried foods, but I felt a huge muscle cramp, almost like a pull on my last round of sit-ups in my abdomen. It was uncomfortable and painful and required me to roll over and stretch it out. Maybe I overdid it or maybe some slight dehydration but whatever it was it made me stop dead in my tracks.

It’s important to know the difference between pain and fatigue. Pain is when you stop. Pain signals and injury is present or imminent. Fatigue is uncomfortable and is a sign you are pushing yourself to your limit. Fatigue you fight through to push your limits further. 


DB Curls 3×10

EZ Bar Preacher Curls (wide grip) 3×10

Olympic Bar Curls 3×10

Tricep Rope Pull Downs 3×10

Overhead Tricep Extension 3×10

Tricep Cable Extension 3×10

Circuit: 4 Rounds no rest

15 – Tricep Parrallette Dips

15 – Fixed Barbell Curls

15 – Abmat sit-ups 

I cooked down with a 1 mile incline walk on the treadmill. 


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