Triangle Chokes

Worked 14 long hours yesterday and have a 12 hour overnight shift ahead of me today. I took the morning off and slept in a bit and was able to make it to the lunch class at BJJ. A much smaller group than the night class and led by one of the upper belts. He ran us through a military PT style warmup that honestly had me smoked before we even started drills. 

Today we drilled Osoto Gari and attacking with an armbar when your opponent is turtled. I felt a slight pull in my hamstring during Osoto Gari so I limited myself in the live throws. The arm bar technique was pretty inventive but will definitely take some practice to perfect. 

I took time during rolling session to work my triangle chokes and after class working on my angles with another student. As a short guy with large quads and a stocky build the triangle is a difficult finisher for me against taller and larger opponents. When I first started I just assumed that I would be unable to pull the triangle choke off on some people and worked more on my armbar and taking the back. 

About 6 months ago I watched a short female purple belt visiting from one of the other locations  triangle choke a much larger opponent. She did it so smooth and methodically and even though he knew it was coming her technique was flawless and he had no choice but to submit. 

After class I sought her out and she started showing me how she slides her hips out and uses her opponents pants or leg to pull her body to crew the angle allowing her to finish the choke. It was like a light bulb went on in my head and from that day it’s been something I’ve looked to work on against larger opponents. 


2 thoughts on “Triangle Chokes

    • Mae-Lin, I have no shame in admitting that I train with females that can sweep and submit me. I’m sure my school like most has females train with males and I find that many of the upper belt females are far more technical as they rely on their technique and not their strength. Emily Kwok’s youtube instructional videos pretty much kept me from getting completely squished my first year of training. Thanks for the comment

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