Workout 07/06/15

Chest day today. I had grand plans of trying a kettlebell alligator walk but by the time I was ready to attempt it I was unable to do a single pushup. Needless to say the alligator walk will wait for another day.


Bench Press x10/Medicine Ball Pushup x10 – 5 Supersets
One Arm Rotational Dumbbell Press 5×10
Hammer Curl Bar Chest Press 5×10

1 Tabata Timed Set alternating between
-20lb Dynamax Chest Throw
-6lb Medicine Ball Chest Throw

The trick with this circuit is to throw the balls from your chest as straight as possible. On the Dynmax ball focus on explosiveness. On the smaller medicine ball focus on height. The smaller ball will make the larger 20lb ball feel much heavier.


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