Happy 4th!

Did a rest day yesterday and BJJ school was closed this weekend for the holiday. I had to work Friday and they held a special open mat where the other affiliates were invited over. I missed an awesome opportunity to train on the mats with 4 black belts and a handful of other upper belts.

Went into work today and my youngest wanted to come practice some grappling at the office mat room. It was Saturday morning and a holiday so I brought him along to roll with him. I got my workout in and then went in the mat room and worked with him. We worked on his standup, focusing on getting his grips and shooting take downs. Then we drilled his positioning and escapes before rolling around for some fun.

I got him this new gi last month for his tournament and between his constant growth and a little shrinkage from washing he looks like he needs a new one already. This was his “mean grappling face”

Iso-Lateral Mid Row x3
Rogue T-Bar Row x5
Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Low Row x3
Ring Rows x3

Circuit (4 rounds no rest)
250m Row
30 second Battle Ropes
10 Slam Balls (15lb)


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