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With the idea of making my workouts more functional to my daily life I started concentrating the beginning of my sessions with a short muscle group specific routine of 3-5 exercises per group and then follow up with a short circuit intended to introduce some functional movement, cardio, and strength. Truth is I’m no personal trainer and I don’t know if doing this is better or worse for muscular development. What I do know is my schedule can be hectic at times and I find this way to be much more enjoyable and flexible for me. The best exercise routine is the one that you do consistently.

Today was designed with increasing my ability to power shrimp escape from mount.


Bench Press x5
Decline Bench Press x5

Circuit (3 rounds – 30 second rest between rounds)

Medicine Ball Push-ups x15
Medicine Ball Chest Throw x15
KB Lunge + Pass Through x7 (each leg)
1 Min Jump Rope


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