Workout and New Guy Training

Training the new guys in a day of law enforcement BJJ. Focusing on recognizing advanced fighting techniques and basic positioning and escapes. The day culminates with two 2-minute rounds of grappling with an instructor. I help out with the classes and do a bit of grappling at the end. The lead instructors are extremely talented at BJJ with backgrounds in MMA. Every time I help teach I end up learning a bit more.

Class is 8 hours long and before class I hit the gym for a workout session.


Push Press x5
Incline Dumbbell Raises (narrow/wide/side) x5 – click here for more info
-This is quick superset I like to do from Mike at six pack shortcuts. Look past the marketing and gimmicks. The information provided is legit but it’s packaged in a sales pitch that turns many people off.
Face Pulls x5
Rear Lat Pulldown x5
Barbell Shrugs x5
Dumbbell Shrugs x3
Shoulder Dislocates x3


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