Becoming a Better Fighter


I spoke to an applicant today following her interview for a sworn law enforcement position. She asked me “what can I do to get a head start on my new career”. Along with the usual “study hard, do well in the academy, listen to your training officers” I stressed for her to begin to develop some physical and mental skills in self defense. Her response was something along the lines of, “oh, I do crossfit”.

I’m not a crossfit hater by any stretch but I see this mistake made by many folks that equate physical fitness with the ability to defend themselves. While it certainly helps to be fit, I remember telling one trainee after thoroughly working him on the mat during a grappling session that “you can’t burpee your way out of a fight”.

I believe that people should work out with a purpose…that purpose may be running your first 5k, losing weight, or even aesthetic purposes. I work out to supplement and improve my ability to defend myself, prevent injury, and improve my skills as a brazilian jiu jitsu student. If you are stuck in a workout rut or not making much progress maybe it’s time to assess your own goals and hit the gym with a plan to attack and achieve those goals.


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