Sad but True

Watching the kids today. I hurt my arm at work last week so gonna try it out tonight and see how it goes. Kids were doing wall sits for warm ups. We hire new deputies recently that couldn’t do these as long as the kids…..sad but true. 


Work Day

Spent all day repairing the sprinklers and doing the lawn. During a brief timeout to let a Florida thunderstorm pass through I decided to repair my inner tube. I realized I need a new front tread but haven’t decided if I want to get a cheap one to match the back or spend some extra cash and get nicer treads all around. Now that the bike is back in order I should be riding soon. 

Reset button

 Increased hours at work and a fluctuating schedule the last 2 weeks have caused me to feel incredibly run down and constantly tired. I slept through not only my evening bjj class but also the kids. I decided that I was going to take Monday off from work and try to do a bit of a reset this weekend. Get some quality sleep, eat quality food, and do some recreational activities to keep my mind fresh.  

Defensive Tactics


It’s not defensive tactics day until the FD show up. One of our older new recruits found his breaking point today. 2min 30sec fight with an instructor and 30 mins later he was still dizzy. It proved out point that fighting shape is a whole different type of fitness. He was transported to the hospital but was okay after getting some fluids in him and his blood pressure back up. 

Quick Leg Burner 



So calculating my work schedule this week I realize that gem Sunday-Sunday I’m scheduled for a 75 hour work week. 😬 

I had about 25 mins to squeeze in a workout and still have enough time to shower and change for my second shift. I decided to hit legs today.

3 rounds

10- 95lb barbell step ups

10- Lunges (holding 35lb KB in each hand) 

I finished up with some seated calf raises and called it a day.

I’m trying to dial in the diet so that later this year I can compete in IBJJF light or maybe even featherweight class. 

Defeating mount from a larger opponent

As a smaller individual I am constantly rolling with bigger and more experienced opponents. Last night I rolled with a friend of mine who outweights me by about 60lbs and has about a foot of height on me as well. Although he was less experienced I had difficulty getting out from under his weight and had to attack his arms from half guard. In doing some research today I stumbled across this great video series. I will most definitely be trying this mount escape.




Field trip to the bike store for new inner tube and tires. I spent half the time drooling over some new bikes. This Fatboy really caught my eye today.