I wish I was out riding this week instead I’ve been covering some overnight shifts. While the paycheck won’t have me complaining I’ve been way off my schedule, diet, and operating on very little sleep for the past week and a half. I’m looking forward to a somewhat normal week next week and a return to normalcy. 


Circuit Training

Hit some circuit training at work today.

2 mins on – 30 seconds rest – 2 rounds

KB Swings, Medicine Ball sit-ups, Grappling drills in dummy, Jump rope, sitouts, Punching bag station

Afterwards I did some weightlifting shoulders, traps, and a short run on the treadmill. 

It felt good but I kept it light knowing I had BJj tonight. 

Tasty Tuesday

Let’s just call this a cheat meal. I got roped into going to Tasty Tuesday’s in the milk district. Basically a weekly food truck gathering in the hipster part of Orlando. I’m not a big fried chicken guy but I can resist chicken and waffles. It’s no Roscoe’s but it was very good, especially with gravy and syrup on top. 

Rear choke submissions

BJJ today. Fundamentals followed by regular class. We worked throws and then into submissions from the rear. The hardest part of BJJ?? Learning the names of all these techniques. The English ones are easy…bow and arrow, knee on belly, etc… It’s the Japanese ones that I get all mixed up. 

Meal Planning

Worked back to back 12 hour overnight shifts this weekend. No days off for me. My next day off will be at the end of 16 days of working straight. To my own detriment I failed to make time to go grocery shopping or plan meals and when hungry and faced with what’s convenient….well let’s just say I didn’t make the best nutritional choices this weekend. Today I took some time to put together a couple evals for lunch next week. It’s a little heavy on the carbs but I plan on hitting the gym in the morning and bjj at night. Sandwiched in between Im instructing some classes so I’ll need some mid day energy.