Chicken and Grappling

IMG_5858-0Made this stupid easy and delicious roasted chicken today. I paid a few extra dollars to get a hormone free organic free range chicken since I had a little left in the food budget. Thanks to the Domestic Man blog for the recipe. There are quite a few recipes and tips I use regularly that I found on that site. Last night’s 24 hour shift really wore me out, I got off at 6:00AM and didn’t get out of bed until after noon. I made it to BJJ tonight and it was no gi night. We had two new guys show up today one for his first class and the other for his third. It wasn’t that long ago that I was in their shoes and I got to work with one of them today. It is amazing how much I have learned in what seems to me such a short period of time. The best part was I stayed after to roll with some of the upper belts and my ribs held up pretty well with only very minor aches toward the end. Tomorrow is functional fitness and BJJ drills so I think I’ll be good enough to make it 4x a week again.

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