No Gi Night

My youngest can’t wait to get on the mat and start grappling with the adults as soon as class is over. He’s only 6 but wants to grapple with the big kids. It’s great that I can share and learn this art with the boys as they get older. I only wish I had started at the age of 5. I can’t even imagine the level of skill I’d have now. 


Jiu Jitsu

Waiting for the kids class to be over so I can get on the mat. My kids are in the  3-7 year old class. Watching their class and this older kids class before my adult class is actually pretty helpful. I learn by watching and see how they explain some of the more advanced moved into easy terms and steps for the little ones. 

Quick chest workout


So for the second morning in a row I slept past my alarm and backup alarm. This time however I did in somewhat consciously…resetting the alarm to get an extra 10 minutes resulted in 45 mins. I thought about skipping the gym but knew I wouldn’t make it up. I ate pretty poorly last night wino figured a quick workout was better than no workout.

3 sets 8 rep drop set bench press
1 set of 10 medicine ball push-ups

1 min rest between rounds

I got the idea from a video I saw on YouTube

Eventually Id like to do the whole workout but I’ll need to lay off the snooze button for that one.

Duty Calls


Slept through my alarm but was able to get up in time to still make it to the gym for a short leg workout. My quads were still a bit tight after yesterday’s ride. I find that packing my clothes and everything in the morning makes getting up and to the gym that much easier. I have found from experience that waiting until lunch or after work to hit the gym normally means I won’t make. Things always come up. Case in point I missed BJJ tonight because of a callout. Had I not prepared and forced myself to go past the alarm I would have missed another day of working out and coupled it with the poor decision of hitting the drive thru on the way home (tackling one vice at a time).

Fun on 2 wheels

Couldn’t find anyone to ride with today but still made the trek up north (45mins) to Santos for some biking. It’s been a few months since I biked up there and the OMBA has done a fantastic job adding some great features. I don’t think the distances are terrible accurate but the time is pretty spot on.


A few of the new stuff I found




Functional Fitness

I got up early and hit the Saturday morning functional fitness class. 13 stations – 2 minutes each. Stations were kettlebell swings, battle ropes, TRX work, etc… Immediately following we went into some BJJ drills and then after that I stuck around for some round robin grappling sessions. The rib is getting much better and I’m finding it much easier to move, especially when shrimping out from a bad position. More importantly being one of the lightest and smallest guys there, I need my ribs in good shape for when I’m getting squished.