Rest Day 10-18-18

It may have been the 18 hours of driving over the weekend or the fact I didn’t get home until 1AM, of maybe sleeping on unfamiliar mattresses, but my body felt sore like I was in a car crash this morning. I considered going swimming but then it started to rain. So I just decided to rest up today and hit the weights tomorrow. 


Training 10-17-17

While back home visiting my mom I dropped in on a small BJJ school for a class. I love to train whenever I travel and I have had nothing but great experiences doing so. The guys here were extremely friendly. There was another visitor along with me. He was an old friend of the instructor and he taught a half guard sweep technique. 

We drilled the technique and then did some positional sparring followed by 5 minute sparring rounds with 30 seconds rest. The highest student in the class was a 2 stripe blue belt so during sparring everyone seemed to want to take on the newcomer and did so with all their might. 

It was great for me because I really got a workout and these guys had games that I’m not used to going against. 

Workout 10-17-17

Yesterday mountains and today it’s beaches. I’m back in Florida but visiting my mom and I was able to hit the beach around sunrise and get a short run and walk on the beach. The water is still warm so I was even able to get in a bit of a swim. 

Also I kept finding random coconuts on the beach which was strange because I’ve never seen a coconut tree in this area. I’m guessing they washed up from somewhere far away. 

Training 10-10-17

Fundamentals class tonight was led by one of the brown belts. I’ve known him since he was a blue belt and he’s one of the most technical and dedicated individuals I have ever met. We worked double leg takedowns tonight and I love when we incorporate some wrestling. 

During our live sessions I switched up the double leg entry into a high crotch and caught my opponent completely off guard. 

The ground technique was the scissor sweep with a variation thrown in to help against larger opponents. 

Workout 10-10-17

I’m a terrible swimmer but I’m getting better at it. I have to take advantage of the great weather while I can. And during school hours I have the pools all to myself.  Laps across the pool is an awesome workout. 


Swimming (1 Hour)